En Route

The road is a long one. It stretches out and winds to and fro between hills and the occasional wood or copse. Several days pass as you hike to Hollybridge until you reach a saddening sight. In the midst of one of the woods, a freshly wrecked and raided merchant wagon lies in ruins before you; the once-passengers and contents both spilled messily across the road. One of the wheels on the wagon still spins slightly, creaking in the wind.

  • Ambush. As the players get closer to the wagon, bandits jump up from either side of the path, having been hidden in the brush atop the two hills either side of the path, and from behind the wagon itself.
  • DC 18 Perc – You see a boot peeking out from behind the wagon, breathing and rustling in the bushes either side of the road.
  • 4x Elf Scout, 2x Elf Archer.
  • Elf bandits shout – “For the Free Elves! For the Dales!”
  • The wagon – provides cover to the archers behind it.
  • Bushes – provide concealment for the bandits still in the bushes.
  • Downhill – bandits gain a +1 damage when charging down the hills either side of the road.
  • Uphill – travelling uphill is difficult terrain.
  • Large Tree – Elves can climb the tree happily. The archers retreat here if PCs come around the caravan. Climbing for PCs takes a DC 15, +2 for every attack they suffer during that turn.


* 750xp Overall/125xp Each * Dalish Longbow (+1 Vicious Longbow)

En Route

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