As the team arrives, the sun is setting over Telle.

The town of Telle basks in the red glow of a setting sun. You see a lonely caravan travelling up towards the town gates, pulled by oxen. A smoky whisker rises up from the front of the caravan, followed by the occasional smoke ring. As the caravan gets to the gates, several guardsmen appear out of the towers either side of the gate to greet and check the man.

  • Sleepy farming/merchant town.
  • Ramshackle houses, all leaning against each other for support.

Main questgivers/people of note:

  • Rasheed Allum – Town mayor and Subahl national. Suffers great racism and paranoia.
  • Massi Rockhew – Mother of Yarit and owner of the Red Sheaf. Sturdy woman with little humour.


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