Tomb Raiding

“Aye, someone like yer’s just like that person I was what lookin’ fer. I was a part of a group of people what called themselves bold adventurers they did. Pfeh, some brave and bold adventurers they were. We was raidin’ this ere tomb, and they did go and do running away when they wents and saw the tomb were filled with nasties. Leavin’ me all on my Nelly to fight off horrible ghosts and skeletons! I couldn’t fight them off so I legged it, I did. Now I was collecting a book from this tomb when I went down there and he ‘aint payin’ me til he gets his book. That means I don’t get no more ale after today. Normally I’d be tellin’ guttersnipes like yerselves to pike off back to yer holes, but now I sees you can do somethin’ fer me. You go n’ get this book, n’ I’ll give you the old guys’ cut in the money. Deal?”

You head to the place described by Korgan which is just a short walk out of town, in the woods nearby. The place is ruined and overgrown, white marble muddied, eroded and cracked by centuries of age. Arcane runes still glow faintly on the pillars of the mausoleum and the gate that once barred entrance to the stairway leading down has been broken open, and recently too.

DC 20 Arc: The runes are of warding and necromancy – looks like they’ve already been triggered, and the energies spent.

The breeze is fresh, but the air below the ground is stale and cold. You descend into a long room with a sarcophagus at the other end, the lid slightly ajar. At either side of the door there are another two sarcophagi, and another above the one that is ajar at the other end of the chamber. Out of the wall great roots of some tree or another spews. The room is littered with exhausted magical paraphernalia and trinkets, long since spent of their energy. The white marble here is surprisingly clean and well-kept.

The sarcophagus contains a skeleton with its hands and arms clearly broken to gain access to something it was holding. However, as you turn to leave, a great scream erupts seemingly from the inside of your heads, and the three sarcophagi next to the doors and above the open sarcophagus burst open, producing two emaciated corpses.

  • 3x Wight (MM262)
  • 600xp Overall/120xp each.

When the PCs return to the tavern to Korgan, they find him in an argument with a group of, what appear to be, adventurers. One is a surly-looking Orc, holding a longsword and shield, a scar trailing from his scalp to his lip. A Sylvan stands with a longbow and leather armour, and long brown hair tied into a ponytail. Two Humans stand side by side, one holds a mace and a bandoleer of throwing knives, the other is clad in robes with a staff.

“You’re a bloody coward, you are, Korgan. I knew this so-called ‘berserker courage’ was a load of tripe. You left us to die against those bloody wights, you did! We’re lucky to escape with our lives, let alone the tome! And you lot!” The human says after noticing you. “You must be our replacements! Well, we’ll teach you to go behind our backs! Get ’em, lads!”

  • Dragonborn Soldier (MM86), Elf Archer (MM106), Human Bandit (MM162), Human Mage (MM163).
  • 625exp overall/ 125xp each.
  • Fight in The Gnawed Noble, filled with tables and chairs and patrons.
  • Korgan grabs the book and flees. He moves 10 squares in a single go and belts it out of the door. The adventurers are too occupied with the PCs to chase him.

The Gnawed Noble Tavern

Tomb Raiding

The Maw of the Dragon brosell