Yarit Rockhew

(As the players approach the Red Sheaf)

“I’ll not have you blasted dwarves mess up my town! You can either pay your taxes or go back to your shitty little hovels in your shitty little mountain!” Screams a rather irate Subahlese man, his exceptional height making the display of bravado even more intimidating.
“Yer’d do well to remember who keeps this town alive. If not for good mountain crafts then this place wouldn’t see any traffic at all. If not for strong, mountaineer arms then this place would have been overrun by monsters long ago! If not…” he is cut off by his colossal opponent.
“Enough! I have had it with you. Take your problems elsewhere. The taxman will be around for you at midday on Sunday, as per usual, and if you can’t pay up, the bailiffs will be with you at midday on Monday. Good day sir!” The Subahlian swishes his cloak indignantly and slams the door to the town hall behind him. The other man makes a vulgar gesture towards the shuddering door and storms off into the The Red Sheaf Inn.

In the Red Sheaf

“Aye, what are you lookin’ at, surfacer?”

  • He is the leader of the highly respected merchant’s guild in Telle. It unites the dwarves and their crafts so that they, together, have more sway over the running of the town.
  • He was arguing with Rasheed Allum, the town’s mayor and general bastard. Stinking foreigner. What does he know of running a Sylphanian merchant town? Bet he’s never seen a mountain in his life before he came here.
  • Taxes are too high so Yarit has called for a veto on paying taxes. It’s not going well, too few people have joined in. But backing down would cause the guild to look weak.
  • He’s stopped buying the crops because nobody wants to buy potentially diseased crops. Food Poisoning

Yarit Rockhew

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