Mortimer Grimsby's Grande Emporiumme

A small bell chimes as you enter the store. It echoes in a sad fashion off the empty walls.

“Come in, Gentlemen.” A hollow voice comes from the back of the store, and you realise that the owner is hidden beneath a pile of rags. A closer look reveals that it is in fact a suit that has certainly seen better days.

After quickly glancing around the shop, you notice that the walls and shelves are completely bare. It is evident that any items you want to purchase will have to be asked for.

Mortimer Grimsby. Human Depressive/Store Owner. Started the emporium with hopes of building it up into a great trade empire. Wants nothing more than to be rid of it. Mortimer will sell the party any items he gathers from Thrax. Each item has an individual story that he insists on telling the players.

“Oh Gods above, you’re the ones they’ve been looking for! Please, what do you want? Don’t hurt me!

Skill Challenge – 4 Successes Before 2 Failures -Calm Mortimer Down

  • Total Failure: Mortimer hides in the backroom, locks himself in with all of his wares and money. Breaking in/continual hassling causes him to ring a bell in the storeroom that resounds will a clarity you’d never heard before. It seems pretty certain everyone in the town heard that bell.

Mortimer Grimsby's Grande Emporiumme

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